Hippies are cool. No beating around the juniper bush, they are just cool.

Speaking from personal experience, take a hippy place it in a bucket of water and what do you get? Ice cool water man, like straight up. The water might be a bit hairy and smell like your favourite goat, but man, who said your goat smells bad anyway.

Hungry Hippies

Hippies are horrendously hungry. A hungry hippy's appetite is without bounds. Place your hippy in a bus full of hotdogs and she may expand to many times her original size.

Huge Hippies

Some hippies are huge. A big hippy can completely eclipse the sun and given enough largish hippies in the aforementioned bucket, you may find they displace all the water.

Hairy Hippies

Some hippies are very hairy. A well coiffed hippy can be used to restuff a thousand chaise longues. Take your hippy (gently) and insert them through any convenient tear in the fabric of your slightly sorry furniture. Later, rest comfortably on it knowing your hippy is happy being put to such good use.